Health and Safety

Safety Since the inception of T&M Specialists the Directors have been intent upon conducting business in a manner which is ethically and morally accepted in modern day culture.

Occupational health and safety is a priority for T&M Specialists and our safety record is a key competitive advantage.

We are committed to providing a safe, healthy and positive working environment for our employees and those in our charge.

Our aim is to eliminate all accidents that result in a fatality or disability and to ultimately eliminate all lost-time accidents during the execution of our works.

Today’s proactive measures are designed to identify and remove risk to people, equipment and the environment and to foster an open minded culture which values Safety and Health for its own sake. In particular terms T&M Specialists will demonstrate the foundation and commitment that forms the basis of the T&M Specialists Safety Management System upon which the HSE structure is based by;

  • Sound T&M Specialists HSE Policies
  • Complying with relevant legislation, regulations, codes of practice and industry best standards
  • Clearly defining responsibilities for line management and encouraging all employees to be their own safety supervisor and provide feedback on their work locations and activities
  • Employment of competent HSE Advisors
  • Provide adequate information, effective HSE training and supervision for all employees
  • Setting realistic HSE targets and objectives for personnel
  • Providing and maintaining High T&M Specialists HSE Standards by implementing Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems
  • Auditing of HSE Standards and Practices, identification and assessment of risks prior to commencement of work
  • Thorough investigation and follow up of any injury, accident or near miss incident
  • Seeking continual improvement in our Occupational Health and Safety Performance

Whilst it is the obligation and responsibility on the part of the Company by building and encouraging Occupational Health and Safety awareness amongst our people through effective leadership, it is acknowledged and pronounced that the best way to achieve our objectives must not conflict with the safest way.