Our Mission

Our primary aim through our member companies is to provide satisfactory returns for our shareholders whilst at all time acting honestly and with integrity. We are dedicated to achieve operational excellence and growth whilst delivering value to our clients, employees and the community.

Through the experience and highly trained skill of our people we will achieve this aim by;

  • Providing our clients with a truly professional approach to contracting whilst at all times remaining understanding of the business cultures of the countries in which we operate
  • Compete vigorously within commercially acceptable limits
  • Promote a performance driven culture within the group and reward results
  • Encourage employees to be technically innovative
  • Strive to deliver each project in a competitive, safe, cost effective manner on time
  • Ensure the health and safety of our employees and those with whom we conduct business
  • Remaining aware of the potential impacts our work can have on the environment, by taking action to ensure these are minimized
  • Maintaining a profile attractive to our existing and prospective clients and employees
  • Providing long term career opportunities as encouragement for all our local staff to advance to the levels of management in all our operating divisions
  • Remaining committed to sustainable profitability for the benefit of its workforce, its owners, future growth and success