Central - Wanchai Bypass and Island Eastern Corridor Link

CEDD Contract#: HK/2009/02

  • Wan Chai, Hong Kong
  • Goverment of Jong Kong S.A.R. (CEDD Dept)
  • Aecom
  • Chun Wo - China Railway Group Ltd Joint Venture
  • 2011

Project Highlights

The Company has been awarded the contract to support Hyperbaric Tunneling Operations. GBFC will mobilise one of its purpose built modular portable Medical Lock Complex, Independent Breathing Air Supply for the Man Locks and the free standing Breathable Compressed Air Station complete with filtration system for interventions into the Cutter head for Maintenance and cutter change outs.

Qualified personnel supplied by GBFC are to carry out the hyperbaric interventions and also the manning of both the Air Lock and the Medical Lock Complex required for the advance works program phase of the construction work involving 4 Nos. TBM drives to be utilized by Drainage Services Department & Water Supplies Department on completion. The ground through the area of the drives are particularly difficult and require the experience and knowledge of the TBM Operators working with GBFC Supervision to stabilise the ground using a combination of polyurethane grouts and bentonite and then balance the working void around the excavation chamber and cutter head with the breathable compressed air during interventions to exchange the damaged cutters.

Wan Chai Development Phase II extends along the waterfront from the Central Reclamation Phase III to Causeway Bay. This project together with Central Reclamation Phases I, II and III will mainly provide land for the construction of the Central-Wan Chai Bypass and the Island Eastern Corridor Link, the Hong Kong Island section of the Sha Tin to Central Link and the North Hong Kong Island Line and for enhancing the harbour-front.