Permanent Aviation Fuel Facility Offshore Pipeline

Permanent Aviation Fuel Facility Offshore Pipeline Project

  • Urmston Road, New Territores, Hong Kong
  • ECO Aviation Fuel Developments Limited
  • Scott Wilson Limited
  • Leighton Asia
  • 2008 - 2009

Project Highlights

Leighton is responsible for the design and construction of the permanent aviation fuel facility for the Hong Kong International Airport.

The submarine works consisted of 4.7 kilometres of twin 500 millimeter diameter submarine pipelines completed by ‘S' lay method line through the Urmston Road Channel to the Sha Chau fuel facility on the southwest coast of the New Territories in Hong Kong.

During commissioning two buckles were identified by the “pigs” prior to hydrostatic testing.

The Company provided the marine dredging and diving support for the armour rock removal and preparation works for the remedial operations.

Remedial works are expected to be by completed using hyperbaric welding.