Hongkong Electric Lamma Windfarm Met Mast Monitoring Term Contract


  • Lamma Island, Hong Kong, South China Seas
  • HongKong Electric Company (HEC)
  • EGS (Asia) and SgurrEnergy
  • 2012

Project Highlights

To demonstrate the continued commitment to support sustainable development and to protect the environment of Hong Kong, The Hongkong Electric Company Limited (HK Electric) is currently planning to develop an offshore wind farm in the Hong Kong waters. The proposed site is located around 4km off southwest of Lamma Island in Hong Kong with water depth ranges from 17m to 22m.

The proposed offshore wind farm will consist of around 35 nos. of 3MW class wind turbines with a total installed capacity of around 100MW. The offshore wind farm is targeted for commercial operation in 2015.

In order to ascertain the wind potential at the wind farm site and to obtain all necessary meteorological and oceanographic data for design of the wind turbines, it is necessary to set up a LIDAR (Light Detection & Ranging) System comprising a LIDAR unit with other offshore wave and current data acquisition devices and auxiliary equipment in early 2011 at the proposed wind farm site located in the sea waters southwest of Lamma Island. The LIDAR System is to be placed on a platform resting on a foundation structure protruding 12.5m above the mean sea level at water depth of around 22m.

Summary of Equipment Installed:

  • A 10m meteorological mast, equipped with anemometer, wind vane, temperature and pressure sensors.
  • A LiDAR (Light Detection & Ranging) laser wind measurement device.
  • 24/7 power supplies; 6.7kVA diesel generator, 2off 1000 litre fuel tanks, solar panels, 3off micro-wind turbines, batteries and associated cabling.
  • Cabin to house aforementioned batteries and LiDAR and strategic spares and tools.
  • Datalogger plus telecommunication system.
  • Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) for measuring waves, tides and currents to be deployed on the sea bed.
  • Subsea temperature measuring devices.
  • Cabin of miscellaneous items (tools, cables, measurement instruments, etc)

Inventory of Oceanographic Equipment.

Each oceanographic robust mooring consisted of the following equipment suitable of withstanding a two year deployment at the location in the West Lamma channel.

Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler

Nortek AWAC 600khz

The main recording functions and parameters are:

  • Significant wave height every 30minutes
  • Zero crossing period every 30minutes
  • Peak wave period every 30minutes
  • Mean wave period every 30minutes
  • Peak wave period every 30minutes
  • Current speed every 10 minutes
  • Current direction every 10 minutes
  • Pressure every 10 minutes
  • Conductivity & Temperature Probe

Valeport Model 620 CT Sensor

  • Temperature and salinity every hour

Galion Lidar Unit - Laser Class 1M

The LIDAR unit is a compact, silent with low power consumption design based on pulsed laser technology and capable for high resolution data capture to at least 200m height with wind speed range of 0 to 70 m/s in accuracy within +/- 0.1m/s. It adopts Galion for the LIDAR unit.

Wind data of 1s value, 10 minutes and hourly average values including wind speed, direction, and wind shear at following heights shall be measured:

  1. 100m above mean sea level (AMSL)
  2. 80m AMSL
  3. 77.5m AMSL
  4. 75m AMSL
  5. 60m AMSL
  6. 53m AMSL
  7. 26m AMSL
  8. 22.5m AM