Black Point Power Station (BPPS) - Hydrographic Survey incl. Seabed Silt Sampling for Laboratory Testing


  • Black Point Power Station, South China Seas
  • China, Light & Power (CLP)
  • Environmental Protection Department, Hong Kong
  • EGS (Asia) Limited
  • 2011

Project Highlights

China Light & Power (CLP) are required to compose a Waste Management Assessment in line with relevant legislation and assessment criteria to comply with Hong Kong's Waste Disposal Ordinance (Cap 354) prior to the construction of the proposed submarine natural gas pipelines and Gas Receiving Stations (GRS's) to the north of Black Point Power Station (BPPS) and assess the environmental impacts associated with waste handling and disposal.

EGS (Asia) Limited is appointed by CLP to carry out the required hydrographic and baseline surveys in the proposed works area.


GBFC Ltd have been engaged to use the Diver-operated hammer jet vibrocorer for sediment sampling in this project. The diver-operated vibrocorer is a pneumatically driven light-weight vibrating corer designed for remote operation and is capable of obtaining up to 4m of 76mm diameter core in unconsolidated sediments in water depths where divers can work.

The specifications of the vibrocorer are list below:

  • Drive Unit:
  • Weight:
  • Vibration frequency: Power Supply:
  • Core Barrels:
  • Core Bits & Catchers: Weight:
  • Pneumatically driven motors with bearing vibrators. 50kg.
  • 300 cycles/min
  • Compressed air
  • Irrigation tubing. 76mm or 75mm ID, wall thicknesses 2mm or 1.5mm
  • Hardened stainless steel bits with spring steel leaf catchers
  • Total weight core tube and vibrating head ~150kg