NEC South-East Asia Japan Cable System (SJC)

Deep Diving Support - Hong Kong Segment

  • Hong Kong
  • Globe Telecom, Google, KDDI, Telkom Indonesia, Sing Tel, China Telecom, TOT, China Mobile, Chung Hwa, Brunei International Gateway
  • NEC Corporation
  • Hong Kong Marine Contractors
  • 2012

Project Highlights

GBFC has been awarded the deep diving support by Hong Kong Marine Contractors and are mobilising assets and resources to the HKMC owned Crane Barge Challenger 1 and DP Cable Barge Challenger 8.

The NEC South-East Asia Japan Cable System (SJC), is a submarine cable system linking South-East Asia to Japan. SJC will provide direct access and diverse routing between Singapore, the Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Brunei & Japan.

The cable system will be mainly composed of a seven-fibre pair high capacity submarine cable system with a design capacity of 17.9 terabits per second. The project will increase the broadband capacity of Hong Kong.

The system has been designed to bypass the earthquake zone south of Taiwan to protect it from earthquake related cable cuts and to provide greater reliability of service to Hong Kong.

GBFC support Hong Kong Marine Contractors who are recognized as one of the premier submarine cable installation and maintenance service provider in the industry for submarinepower and telecommunication cables with the capacity and resources to provide turnkey services for major submarine cable projects in Asia.

The first phase of the works are scheduled to begin in April 2012 to locate the in service (IS) cables and clearance of the out of service (OSS) cables along the 37 Kilometer route using the Crane Barge Challenger 1.