Central Reclamation

Central Reclamation Phase III

  • Central Reclamation, Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong
  • Government of Hong Kong S.A.R (Territory Development Dept)
  • Atkins China Limited
  • Leighton China State Van Oord Joint Venture
  • September 2003

Project Highlights

Leighton-China State-Van Oord Joint Venture are carrying out two contracts, Contract No. HK12/02 - Engineering Works and Contract No. HK16/03 Hinterland Drainage Works.

The above contracts involve marine works which includes;

  • reclamation;
  • seawall and pumping station caissons;
  • sloping and vertical seawalls;
  • bored piled - eastern seawall;
  • piled public piers;
  • piled ferry piers;
  • piled dolphins;
  • culverts, outfalls and cooling water pipes, etc.

The Company have been contracted to carry out diving inspections on the above engineering works on behalf of Atkins China Limited, the Employers Representative for the expected 6 year duration of the contract.

Services to be carried out include inspection, recording and reporting of the following;

  • conditions of dredged surfaces;
  • collection of tube samples;
  • lapping of geotextile layers;
  • placing of bermstones, toeblocks, pell mell, seawall blocks, armour rocks;
  • placing of seawall and pumping station caissons;
  • construction of piles and reinforced concrete elements of piers and dolphins;
  • any other related diving inspection works, including working in confined spaces.

Central Reclamation Phase III is the final phase of reclamation in Central. The project will provide land for essential transport infrastructure and the area will later be developed into a world class waterfront.