Feb 28

Thailand - TBM Hyperbaric Interventions at Bangkok MRT

MRT Contract 1 UGC Works - Hua Lamphong - Sanam Chai Section

The Company has secured a sub-scontract to assist BEKK Solutions International Limited who have been awarded a contract by Italian-Thai Development PLC to supply full TBM Intervention Equipment Support Package & Medical Lock Complex and is currently mobilising the plant and specialist personnel for hyperbaric interventions for the TBM drive phase of the underground scope of works. JTSC and Terratec collaborated to supply the purpose built cone shaped TBM for both drives.

Equipment Package includes;

  1. Containerized Air Conditioned Office / Air Control Panel & 1.8M Medical Lock c/w CCTV & Communications Package incl. Medical Oxygen Quads
  2. Containerized Split Combination;
    Machinery & Plant Room c/w LP / HP Compressed Air Plant & Filter Banks & Volume Tanks
  3. Engineering Fit out of Man Lock by BSIL Personnel incl. BIBS & Specialist Helmets

BEKK secured the contract from the Thailand's premier leading contractor Italian-Thai who are to construct the 2.8 Km underground twin drive tunnels and stations from Hua Lamphong to Sanam Chai as part of the MRT Blue Line Extension Project.

Project Overview

The Project is a 27 Km extension of the Blue Line to form a quasi circle line consisting of 19 stations (4 underground stations and 15 elevated stations). (The current terminus at Bang Sue is being extended 1.2 km to Tao Poon as part of the Purple Line Project).

From Tao Poon the line will run elevated west along Pracha Rat Sai 2 rd, cross the Chao Praya river and then run south along the Ratchadapisek inner ring road (Charan Sanit Wong rd) terminating at Tha Phra.

From the Hua Lamphong terminus the line runs 5.4 km underground through Chinatown, under the Chao Phraya river to Tha Phra station where it surfaces. It then runs west along Phet Kasem road to Lak Song.

Thailand - TBM Hyperbaric Interventions at Bangkok MRT