Jun 17

Hong Kong - Expansion of HKIA into 3-Runway System

Hong Kong - Expansion of HKIA into 3-Runway System

Mott Macdonald have instructed SDA Marine, who has engaged GBFC, to complete a Marine Archaeological Investigation (MAI) of the areas affected within the proposed project footprint under the AAHK HKIA Masterplan of 2030.

The proposed Airport expansion is to the north of the existing Airport island. This site has historically been part of the open waters off the Northern coast of Lantau island, with no previous land formation.

Existing archaeological sites in the vicinity of HKIA include;

  • Ha Law Wan Archaeological Site on Chek Lap Kok;
  • Lung Kwu Chau Archaeological Site on Lung Kwu Chau Island;
  • Sha Chau Archaeological Site on Sha Chau Island;

GBFC continues to support SDA Marine who are the approved and preferred representative for the Antiquities Department of Hong Kong, and recognised by all of the major consultants as the leading company in this specialist field with proven capability, experience and resource capacity to pursue all such projects to be released in the near future. The works are scheduled to begin and be completed with July 2013.