Jul 01

Contract awarded to T&M Specialists to provide Shotcrete Services for Remedial Works to EFNARC standards in Cambodia

Shotcrete Services for Remedial Works to EFNARC standards (Cambodia)

T&M Specialists are pleased to announce they have been awarded a project from SIRAR Asia Limited on a prestigious Cambodian private development project in the heart of Phnom Peng.

Working alongside other contractors, the works will be carried out in several phases treating up to 6000m2 of remedial works to a "D" wall that forms part of a two floor underground parking lot with a shopping centre using the SIRAR approved system. EFNARC Shotcreters and approved specialist applicators will be working in unison to expedite production and minimize the disruption to the project.

T&M Specialists client base is swiftly expanding as asset owners and contractors are increasingly aware of the benefits achieved to employ EFNARC Shotcrete Specialists to assist with the training of their local operators to International standards and exposing the workforce in the ever-growing applications of Sprayed Concrete.

Informed Clients are aware and realize the economic and safety benefits of this commonly used form of ground support when applied by trained personnel achieving safely the highest quality standard for the assets expected lifecycle.

This approach to the Client is successfully working on current T&M projects from Canada, North America, South America and Indonesia building a strong relationship and continuous ongoing support expanding into other works within T&M capabilities on these Projects.